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In the NBA, it was Part 3 of Cleveland vs. LeBron and Miami.    They got blown out in Game 1, blown out again in Game 2, but this time, the Cavs were more than ready to defend their home court.  LeBron, of course, didn’t hold back at all.  He put up a double-double with 27 points and 10 rebounds.  But, the Cavs are now equipped with a motivated Baron Davis, and he ran their offense to perfection.  Ryan Hollins had a fantastic game and controlled the boards for the Cavs, and Anthony Parker had a great night with 20 points, as the Cavs ran away with the victory.  This is the first double-digit win of the year for the Cavs, and it couldn’t have come against a better foe.  Cleveland 102, Miami 90.

In women’s college basketball, the Final Four is now set.  Notre Dame and Stanford are already there, and two games Tuesday night would complete the picture.  First up, it was #1 UCONN vs. #2 DUKE.  This game was all UConn from the top.  The Huskies Maya Moore posted a spectacular 28 points in the victory.  Then, it was #2 Texas A&M vs. #1 Baylor.  Baylor has All-American Brittney Griner, a sure bet for the WNBA, but A&M came in determined.  They played lock-down defense against the Baylor Bears, and Sydney Carter put up 22 points in the upset victory.  So it’ll be UConn vs. Notre Dame, and Stanford vs. Texas A&M in the Final Four.  UConn 75, Duke 40.  Texas A&M 58, Baylor 46.


Finally, Cowboys star wide-receiver Dez Bryant is in some serious trouble.  A few days ago, it was reported that Bryant was being sued by a jeweler for failing to pay around $246,000 in jewelry costs.  That’s not exactly good for your image.  But, just yesterday, it looks like Bryant is under another lawsuit.  Eleow Hunt, another famous jeweler in Texas (and also a ticket broker) is suing Bryant for $600,000 in unpaid jewel costs and tickets to major events.  These items included a Cartier Watch and a fine set of dog tags. It is the lockout right now, but this is not the kind of bad press anyone wants over their head.

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