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In the NBA, a streak has come to an end.  Kevin Love headed into Golden State with a 53-game double-double streak (points and rebounds). The now dangerous Golden State Warriors wanted to bring that to an end.  They came out with a force and got a fantastic game from Stephan Curry 24 points, 9 rebounds and 6 assists.  Kevin Love did have double-digit rebounds (12), but only 6 points in a crushing defeat from the Warriors.  After the game, the happiest guy out there:  Kevin Love.  Love said he was getting exhausted by the streak.  He even played injured to keep it up.  “Now I can finally focus on playing my game”, Love said.  He won’t have to worry about specifically keeping up the streak, but can even rack up some more assists (as Love has the reputation for being a fantastic passing center).  Congrats to Kevin Love on this amazing streak.  Golden State 100, Minnesota 77.

In college basketball, a marquee ACC Championship game between North Carolina and Duke.  Duke sat atop the ACC for the majority of the year, but UNC has come on strong lately, primarily because of their blue-chip freshman recruit Harrison Barnes.  So, which team would take the championship? Regardless of UNC’s fantastic second-half season effort, the Blue Devils were just too much.  They got a 20-point game from Nolan Smith and routed the Tar Heels.  The victory awarded Duke a #1 seed in the March Madness brackets, and UNC solidified a #2 seed (albeit in a very tough bracket).  Duke 75, UNC 58.   Which brings us to…..

SELECTION SUNDAY!!!  That’s right, the day that everyone looks forward to.  Where will their favorite teams go, what look like possible first-round thrillers, who are the possible Cinderella teams — it’s all pure excitement.  This year, the tournament expanded to 68 teams, with additional play-in games.  However, this year’s play-in games aren’t just for the #16 seed, there is also one playing in for a #12 seed and a #11 seed (to give larger conference bubble schools a chance).  The top seed in the country is Ohio State, but they’re in a very tough conference with North Carolina waiting for them at the #2 seed.

The other #1 seeds are Duke, Kansas, and Big East champion Pitt.  However, this year will be a wild ride, as there is no definitive favorite.  Of course, it’s tempting to put all #1 seeds in the Final Four, but we know that’s not possible.  The thunderous and very dangerous San Diego State Aztecs earned a #2 seed and could definitely make some noise.  And watch out for BYU.  Jimmer Fredette is one of the best players in the country, and when they get hot, there is no stopping them.  Syracuse is a #3 seed.  They play better when nobody is expecting them too,  and that’s also the seed # they had when they won the National Championship.  Arizona pulled a #5 seed, and even though they lost the Pac-10 Championship, they still are loaded with top talent and an NBA star in Derrick Williams.  They could run the board.  And let’s not forget about the red-hot UCONN team with potential top #3 NBA pick Kemba Walker.  This guy can score and is unstoppable at times.  It’s a very difficult year for picking brackets… but go ahead and try.

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