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In the NBA, the new-look Knicks, after coming off a putrid loss to Cleveland, headed to play the Big 3 of Miami.  So, right away, we are greeted with excitement.  What would it be like for LeBron/D-Wade/Bosh to take on Carmelo and Amar’e.   Well, the game started out with a bit of a lackluster crowd.  Apparently, fans in Miami can’t seem to get to the game on time.  They don’t show up until around 8:00.  LeBron and company got out to a big lead and the game was poised to be a blowout.  But, late in the 4th, the Knicks rallied to take the lead.  Unbelievable.  Even Spike Lee made the trip down to Miami to watch the action.  Carmelo finished with 29 points as the Knicks stunned the #1 seed Heat.  By the way, the East #1 spot is totally up for grabs right now.  NY Knicks 91, Miami 86.
Elsewhere in the NBA, the LA Lakers are on a winning streak after the All-Star break.  However, they would be put to the test against an Oklahoma City team that gave them a headache in the playoffs last year.  For the first time this season, they traveled to OKC to play in front of a raucous crowd that wanted Laker blood (in a respectful way of course.  The Thunder fans are rabid, but classy).  The Thunder got out to a thunderous lead thanks to the great play of all-star Russell Westbrook in the first half (17 points).  But, in the second, they collapsed and let the Lakers back into the game.  The Lakers didn’t have a singular hero in the game, as they got even output from all of their stars.  The Lakers look fierce right now, and the Thunder need to regroup with their new addition Kendrick Perkins (who came over from the Celtics).  Perkins will be back in a week.  LA Lakers 90, OKC 87.


Finally, in the NFL scouting combine, what many consider to be an overrated/unimportant event, the quarterbacks were on display.  This is when the draft prospects basically audition for the NFL.  Even though we can see their college resume on film and paper, this is the time to record their 40-meter time and high jump height.  Of course the main event is when the QBs go on display and the man-of-the-hour was Heisman QB Cam Newton.  Many thought he was unimpressive, and that other first round prospects Ryan Mallett (Arkansas) and Jake Locker (Washington) were more impressive.  But again, this doesn’t mean much, but it can deter a team from drafting you in a certain spot.  And in the NFL, it’s all about the position in which you’re drafted.  That determines the dollars you get

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