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In college basketball, last night was the first of two annual match-ups between #21 North Carolina and #5 Duke.  Many sports enthusiasts believe that is truly the biggest rivalry in sports.  Coming into the game, UNC wanted to see what their star recruit Harrison Barnes could do against Duke (and he was actually supposed to go to Duke until he changed his mind at the last moment).  UNC got out to a big lead thanks to a strong night from forward Tyler Zeller (who finished with 24 points).  Barnes had a slow night with only 9 points, but he is still one of the best young players in the game right now.  However, Duke slowly clawed back into the game thanks to an amazing night from their up-and-coming superstar Nolan Smith.  Smith had 34 points and helped Duke edge out the victory against UNC.  The two will meet on UNC’s court later this season, and you can better believe the Tar Heels want revenge.  Duke 79, UNC 73.


In college football, Tate Forcier was heavily recruited by Michigan a few years ago.  He was supposed to be the savior of their program and actually had a rather decent first season.  But, last season, Michigan decided to go with Denard Robinson, a Michael Vick like running-quarterback who would light up the highlight reels.  Robinson became a household name early on and was an early favorite as a Heisman candidate.  Michigan cooled down when they started playing tougher opponents, but it was clear who Michigan’s man would be going forward.  Because of this decision, Forcier said he wanted to transfer.  And yesterday he made his decision to head down south to the University of Miami.  Miami used to be a top contender every year in the early part of the decade, but has had a rough few seasons as of late.  Now, they have a new coach, and new energy, and Forcier might be a missing piece they need to get back to the top of the standings.

Finally, in the NFL, it turns out there were a group of fans who bought Super Bowl tickets who didn’t get their seats.  They bought seats that were supposed to be completed/available, but by game time, the seats simply weren’t ready.  In an embarrassing move, Cowboys stadium officials had to ask them to leave.  Can you imagine going to the Super Bowl with an expensive ticket in hand and not getting your seat.  Add to that a likely pricey plane flight and hotel reservation.  Well, these fans are not happy, and are now suing the NFL for the mishap.  Approximately 1000 fans had an issue with seating, and now they are filing a suit for $5 million in damages.  Sure, it’s hard to justify that number, but clearly they’re going to try.  The NFL is offering 3 times the value of the ticket ($2,400), but they want more.  We’ll see how this turns out.

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