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In the NFL, for the 3rd time in his career, Bill Belichick has been named AP’s Coach of the Year.  This comes as no surprise, as Belichick led the Patriots to a remarkable comeback season.  Heading into Week 1, there were numerous concerns about the Pats D, whether or not Tom Brady was still ‘Tom Brady’, and if this was truly the end of the Pats dynasty.  Belichick once again proved everybody wrong.  Tom Brady had a phenomenal year, the Pats D, while not the best, had enough coaching brilliance from Belichick to ensure that opposing teams struggled.  Sure they lost in the divisional round, but it was a tremendous regular season.

Elsewhere in the NFL, Steelers’ linebacker James Harrison had some serious words for commissioner Roger Goodell.  Harrison received a hefty fine total this year for making rough, harmful hits on opposing players.  There was even one point where Harrison threatened to retire from the NFL because he didn’t know how to play the game any other way.  Jokingly, he said, in short, that he doesn’t want to hurt anybody out there or step on anyone’s toes — that he wishes he could put a pillow down when he tackles someone so they’re comfortable.  He continued by criticizing Goodell for not caring whether or not players get hurt, calling him a hypocrite.  Harrison is vehemently against the proposed 18 game schedule, saying that the NFL only cares about money — not its players.  Harrison said adding 2 more games gives him about 150 – 175 more plays where he could get seriously hurt.  Clearly, Harrison is upset with the league.

Finally, signing day in college football, where the nation’s top recruits pick their schools.  Here are the big stories:  Cyrus Kouandjio decided upon Auburn, but when he was given the pen to sign, he had reservations.  Now, he said he needs space and time with his family to finalize where he’ll play.  JaDeveon Clowney, the top recruit in the nation, said he wouldn’t sign yesterday and would wait for his birthday, Valentine’s Day, to sign.  However, he did narrow his choices to Clemson, South Carolina, or Alabama.  Finally, Isaiah Crowell, the top running back in the nation opted to stay in state with Georgia.  The signing gives Georgia the dream team they wanted as Crowell will join Ray Drew and Jay Rome, the other top recruits from Georgia.  It looks like Georgia football could sit atop the standings next year, and possibly more.

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