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In the NBA, the Miami Heat headed to Indiana — a place where they previously lost.  This time, the Big 3 (Wade, LeBron, Bosh) were ready for some serious revenge.  At the same time, the Pacers were prepared to give them a fight.  The Pacers spread the ball around and got a strong team effort behind solid scoring from Danny Granger, Roy Hibbert, and even former UNC star Tyler Hansbrough.  It was a close game up until the end, but the Heat’s Big 3 were just too strong.  They scored a total of 90 points themselves as the Heat eventually surged to a victory.  The Heat are slowly putting together a very strong TEAM focus, and come playoff time they could be a polished atomic bomb.  Miami 110, Indiana 103.


In the NFL, there are reports that the Buffalo Bills are eyeing Auburn superstar and Heisman Trophy Winner Cam Newton with their #3 pick.  The Bills are in dire need of a quarterback.  Sure, they have Ryan Fitzpatrick, who played pretty decent in a bad situation, but they need an image makeover.  Cam Newton could be the guy to make this happen.  His exciting play and mobile ability could make him a very exciting offensive option.  Combined with the explosive potential of running-back C.J. Spiller could make them a very fun team to watch next season.  The Bills franchise has been utterly terrible the last 5 years (even though they got Terrell Owens), and it’s time for a serious change.


Finally, in baseball, there has been a lot of drama surrounding Cardinals slugger Albert Pujols.  He’s not sure he wants to play for St. Louis next season.  Now, the Cardinals are trying to just throw money at him in a last ditch effort to save the face of their franchise.  If they lose him, they will have to rebuild their franchise identity.  So, they have reportedly offered him in excess of $200 million dollars to keep him in the Red & White uniform.  Pujols will consider it, but it looks far from a done deal.  There is a chance that we could see Pujols in Dodger Blue or Yankees pinstripes next season.  Talk about upsetting the balance of baseball.