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In the NBA, it was time for post All-Star break (and post Carmelo) action.

So how would the Nuggets look without Carmelo?  All their new acquisitions were in attendance — not as players, but spectators to see the team they would join.  Of course Denver must be helpless without Anthony?  Of course they would struggle without Chauncey?  Nope!  They looked great, outrunning and outplaying Memphis.  The Nuggets were shorthanded, but they got some incredible play from J.R. Smith (26 points) and Ty Lawson (who will now most likely start at point-guard.  Not having Melo might be a good thing for Denver.  They are now in underdog status role, and they have a bevy of good young players coming in to help out.  It would be great if they pulled off some upsets in the playoffs.  Denver 120, Memphis 107.

Elsewhere in the NBA, the Lakers took a ton of criticism prior to the All-Star break.  Everybody was saying they’re done, they’re old, they can’t defend, etc. You can believe that head coach Phil Jackson would have them ready and in-shape for the second half of the season.  He held an extra-long practice on Monday and nearly worked his players to death.  Plus, coming off an amazing All-Star game,  Kobe would be ready to shine.  Kobe put up 20 points before he was taken out during a blowout of the Atlanta Hawks.  Every season, the media tries to put the nail in the coffin on the Lakers, and every year, about this time, they turn it back on.  Prepare for a major Lakers run.  LA Lakers 104, Atlanta 80.

Finally, with the Slam Dunk Contest behind us, the Toronto Raptors’ DeMar DeRozan has bashed the competition.  He has been an impressive contestant the past two years, but now he says he’s done.  Why?  DeRozan slammed the competition for being all about props today, not just impressive dunks.  For example, Serge Ibaka used a stuffed animal on the rim, Javale McGee used a second basket, and Blake Griffin used a car and a choir.  DeRozan, in sharp contrast, only prepared athletic acrobatic dunks.  No props.  DeMar says he’s finished with the competition unless they change the rules or if the All-Star game takes place in Toronto.  That probably won’t happen anytime soon, so we may have seen the end of the DeRozan dunk era.

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