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In the NBA, prior to playing the Cavs, LeBron James had some words for his former team.  However, he didn’t say anything vile or vicious.  He merely said that he felt bad for them.  LeBron stated that he knows they’re going through a tough time right now, and that he mainly feels bad for the fans.  “We had a lot of great years there”, LeBron said about the Cleveland fans.  Prior to the season, people thought that the Cavs could still possibly make the playoffs without LeBron, they never thought they would be absolutely horrible.  The Heat, of course, trounced Cleveland, bringing their record to 8-40 on the year.  And to think, Cleveland beat Boston in their first game of the season.  Miami 117, Cleveland 90.


In soccer, a new record has been set in England as Chelsea has signed superstar Fernando Torres.  Torres is one of the Elite players in the British Premeirship League, and Chelsea (one of the top teams) brought Torres over from Liverpool for $50 million pounds (about $79.5 million dollars).  To put this in American terms, this is very similar to LeBron signing with the Heat — a mega-star leaving his current team to play elsewhere.  Soccer is growing in popularity in the United States right now.  More people are paying attention to foreign leagues, as evidenced by the growing coverage on Sports Center.


Finally, in golf, ever since all his melodrama and conflict, Tiger Woods has not been the same.  Prior to his scandalous affairs, Woods was riding high and dominating the golf circuit.  But over the past year, he has shown signs of deteriorating, and it’s clear that he’s unfocused.  Just yesterday, Tiger Woods shot a 3-over Par 75 at Torrey Pines to open his season.  That puts him in a tie for 44th place.  We are not accustomed to this as fans.  Tiger is always at the top or looming close to it, allowing for a fantastic come-from-behind victory in the end.  But, fact is, Tiger is getting older.  Some are hoping for a comeback, and some couldn’t care less about him anymore.  Either way, the ending of the Tiger Woods legacy is still unwritten.

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