First up, it was Game 2 between the Celtics and the Magic.  The Magic stole Game 1 against an exhausted Celtics team, and the Celtics looked to bounce back and show the Magic who’s boss.  Paul Pierce had a horrible game, scoring only 3 points and sitting on the bench due to foul trouble. Ray Allen had a nice game with 22 points.  Rondo even had a triple double for the Celts.  But the real hero of the night was the Celtics’ Eddie House.  He came off the bench in place of Paul Pierce, went 4 for 4 from 3-point land, and finished with an electric 32 points.  Now the series is tied at 1 game a piece as it heads back to Orlando for Game 3.  Boston 112, Orlando 94.

Kobe BryantNext up, it was Kobe and the Lakers looking to not only level the series with the Rockets, but try and prove to both the Rockets (and Laker fans) that they are VERY serious about winning a championship this year.  Game 1 looked like they had forgotten how to play basketball.  Well, as usual, the Rockets were no slouch, and just wouldn’t go away in the first half.  2 players were even ejected in this game.  Ron Artest for the Rockets, and Derek Fisher for the Lakers.  So what did the Lakers do in the second half?  Answer:  Kobe Bryant.  Sure, it doesn’t make grammatical sense, but just look at it:  Kobe exploded for 40 points, and carried the Lakeshow on his back in the second half.  Lakers win Game 2, and balance the series headed back to Houston.  LA Lakers 112, Houston 94.


Finally, some more soccer news, as it was the other half of the European Championship League.  Without going into too much detail, this is the equivalent of, say, the NFC Championship in football here, because of the fervent passion that Europe has for their soccer.  The game featured two of the best teams in the world:  Barcelona & Chelsea (in England).  Chelsea scored early, and though they would advance to the championship, but in, literally, the final minute Barcelona’s Andres Iniesta booted a miracle goal to send Barcelona to the championship.  They will take on the illustrious Manchester United in the Championship game on May 27th.  It was an incredible game!  And if you’re worried about being able to see it, fear not, it will be aired on ESPN 2.

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