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What a weekend in sports:


Mind that BirdThe weekend of The Kentucky Derby.  This event is like a week-long Mardi Gras for Louisville, as people from all over the country come for the festivities (including a hefty amount of celebrities).  Well, if you were a long-shot gambler, then Saturday was YOUR day.  The winning horse:  MINE THAT BIRD — a 50-1 shot.  Usually one of the top 3 horses wins the race, but Mine That Bird was a huge reach.  In fact, apparently, Mine That Bird was the most inconceivable winner in the 135-year history of the Kentucky Derby.  Needless to say, a few people got rich on Saturday afternoon (very very VERY few).


So it looks like we have some incredible second round action to look forward to in the NBA.  Surprisingly, it’s turned into an immensely exciting post-season.
The Main Event was easily Game 7 between the Chicago Bulls and Boston Celtics.  Many feel that this is the best first-round series ever played.  5 out of the first 6 games were decided by 3 points or less, and usually in OT and with some buzzer beaters.  It’s been nothing short of insane.  Well, Game 7 didn’t disappoint.  It didn’t provide a buzzer beater, or any overtimes for that matter, but it was still exciting up until the very end.  Ben Gordon was once again a sharpshooter for the Bulls, posting 33 points.  But the veterans Ray Allen & Paul Pierce got the job done for Boston, combining for 43 points and cinching the Celtics victory.  What a fantastic series!  Now the Celtics will face the Orlando Magic in Game 2.  That should be terrific as well.  Boston 109, Chicago 109.

Then, on Sunday, it was time for yet another Game 7 in the NBA.  The Atlanta Hawks and Miami Heat have quietly reached a Game 7 (Boston/Chicago stole all the headlines).  The reason nobody really mentioned it was because each game was a blowout.  Unlike Celtics/Bulls, every game was anything but dramatic.  First the Hawks blew out the Heat, and then the Heat crushed the Hawks, and they continued this dull volley.  Well, that pattern didn’t change on Sunday, as the Hawks once again easily took care of the Heat.  Joe Johnson led the way for the Hawks with 27 points, and now Atlanta gets the gift of playing LeBron James and the red-hot Cleveland Cavaliers.  Many are predicting another sweep for the Cavs, who are almost unstoppable at home.  Atlanta 91, Miami 78.

And finally, the SECOND ROUND of the NBA Playoffs kicked off Sunday afternoon, with a much anticipated match-up between the Dallas Mavericks and the Denver Nuggets.  The Mavericks are jelling right now, coming off an upset beatdown of the San Antonio Spurs.  However, the Nuggets were ready for them, as this Denver team actually feels it has a chance to get to the Championship.  They are serious, and have no intention of lying down for the Mavs or Lakers.  Nene and Carmelo Anthony were the heroes of the day for the Nugs, scoring 24 and 23 respectively.  But, beware, this series is expected to go the full 7 games.  Denver 109, Dallas 95.

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