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NBA Playoffs

It was the pseudo-debut of the crowned NBA MVP, LeBron James.  After a long rest from sweeping the Detroit Pistons, LeBron and the Cavs were ready to get back into action against the Atlanta Hawks.  Even LeBron said in an interview, “We were tired of playing against each other.  We NEED to play somebody”.  Well, the Hawks came to play, even jumping out to an early 1st quarter lead.  Atlanta’s Power Forward Josh Smith came strong, finishing with 22 on the night.  But, the MVP was just too much for the overwhelmed Hawks.  LeBron dominated with 34 points and 10 rebounds.  Atlanta will try and steal one from Cleveland in Game 2, but it’s unlikely.  Cleveland 99, Atlanta 72.

And you might not believe this, but the hot team in the Western Conference right now isn’t the Los Angeles Lakers.  It’s the #2 seed Denver Nuggets.  They have been incredible in these playoffs, and that didn’t stop last night in Game 2 vs. Dallas.  Dirk Nowitzki did his thing, putting up 35 points, but this game belonged to Denver.  They look amazing, with both Nene and Carmelo Anthony scoring 25 points a piece.  Meanwhile, the Lakers are down 1-0, and suddenly, everyone who thought LA was a guaranteed lock for the championship must think again.  The Western Conference representative looks fuzzy.  And this is great thing for fans, as nothing is predictable anymore.  Denver 117, Dallas 105.


In some rare soccer news, Manchester United (the equivalent of the New York Yankees in England) won their semi-final match against Arsenal in the Champions League.  The game was won off a beautiful 40-yard kick towards the end of the game to cinch the victory and send Manchester United to the final where they will face either Barcelona or Chelsea.  For those of you who don’t know, the Champions League is the best of best of European football.  Only the very top teams from each country’s leagues are invited to compete, and winning this thing is even bigger than the Super Bowl in the United States.


Brett FavreAnd, guess what, we might be in for some more Brett Favre drama this off-season.  Last year, he retired, then wanted to come back, the Packers wouldn’t let him, so he went to the Jets.  In this off-season, he quietly retired from the Jets, and now, suddenly, he wants to play for Minnesota.  Wow — this guy has no quit.  However, there won’t be any “What team will he play for” controversy, as Favre supposedly told the Jets coach, “I’m retiring, and if I play anywhere, it will only be in Minnesota (presumably because it’s the closest franchise to his home).  Oddly enough, even though Favre is in his twilight years, he did have a very nice season with the Jets.  If he joined Minnesota, it actually makes them a better team on paper, as their current starting QB, Tavarias Jackson, is NOT a good passer.  Plus, with the addition of Percy Harvin, Favre would have a downfield threat to throw to.  This could get very interesting, especially because Packers fans absolutely hate Minnesota.

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