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All four teams are playoffs are at rest prepping for the Conference.

Mark CubanIn other NBA news, it  looks like the feud between Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and Denver Nuggets Power Forward Kenyon Martin is far from over.  Cuban made some harsh remarks towards Kenyon’s mother, and then later apologized on his blog for it.  Well, in Kenyon’s eyes — this was cowardly.  Martin felt that Cuban was hiding behind his blog and not facing Kenyon or his mother face to face.   In response to this, Mark Cuban said that this is a two way street, criticizing Martin for not apologizing to those he upset in Dallas.  Cuban cited an example where Kenyon called a secretary for the Mavericks organization a fat B****, or told a fan he would Beat the F*** out of him.  It seems that Cuban is unafraid to keep the grudge going.


Jon Gruden.jpgFormer Tampa Bay Buccaneers coach Jon Gruden has found a new job.  Gruden was let go as Bucs head coach as one of their first off-season moves.  They felt that even though he won them a Super Bowl, it had just served up too many average teams over the years.  Well, now Gruden has a temp gig until he finds a new coaching gig.  He’ll be a featured voice on Monday Night Football next season.  Gruden will replace Pardon the Interruption  host Tony Kornheiser in the booth.  This should be a refreshing voice, as Gruden has been known to ‘say what he feels’.  Monday Night Football is quickly becoming a must watch on ESPN.

Elsewhere in the NFL, the Super Bowl Champion Pittsburgh Steelers were invited to visit Barack Obama in the White House.  James Harrison, one of the heroes from the Steeler Super Bowl victory (to refresh your memory — he was the defensive back who intercepted and ran back a 100 yard touchdown).  He said he just wasn’t interested in attending the ceremony, and didn’t feel honored whatsoever by the invitation.  Why?  Harrison said that if the Cardinals had held on to win the game, Obama would have invited them instead.  Basically, Harrison felt the invitation wasn’t necessarily honorary, but rather arbitrary.  Either way, James Harrison will not be at the White House to shake Obama’s hand.

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