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In the NBA, two important Game 6’s.

Dwight HowardFirst up, it was the Orlando Magic playing host to the Boston Celtics in a must-win situation.  The Celtics did what they could and kept it close, and Rajon Rondo had a brilliant night with 19 points and 16 rebounds.  But… the Magic simply wanted it more, and had no intentions of going quietly into the night.  Dwight “Superman” Howard was the hero for the Magic with 23 points, and, count ’em, 22 REBOUNDS.  The C’s simply had no answer for him, and the Magic would prevail.  Game 7 is Sunday night, 8pm ET.  Orlando 83, Boston 75.

Next up, it was another crucial Game 6 between the Lakers and the Rockets.  The Rockets are without their superstar Yao Ming, but have seemed to jell even more without him.  While they did get trounced by the Lakeshow in Game 5, they sure did bounce back for a do-or-die Game 6.  Kobe Bryant did everything in his power to try and get the Lakers a win, finishing the night with 32 points, but the Rockets simply left everything they had on the court.  Aaron Brooks and Luis Scola were the main dudes for the Rockets, scoring 26 and 24 points respectively, and led the Rockets to a victory.  Now, like the Celtics/Magic series, a deciding game 7 waits for them on Sunday night after the Boston/Orlando match-up.  Wow, Sunday is going to be insane.  Houston 95, LA Lakers 80.


Finally, in some NFL/entertainment news, HBO has decided on this year’s team for their annual Hard Knocks series.  For the past few years, HBO thoroughly chronicles an NFL team as they go through training camp.  We’ve seen the Ravens, the Chiefs, and the Cowboys.  But this year, they’ve truly chosen a great team to watch.  That’s right, the Cincinnati Bengals are on display.  This is special because the Bengals have been a team in absolute disarray.  They have numerous ‘troublemakers’ on their roster, many of whom have been arrested, and are infamous for having “chemistry” in the clubhouse.  Now… we get to see all the behind-the-scenes action.  Get ready for the sparks to fly on HBO.  It’s gonna be great!

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