In the NFL, the Tony Romo ‘pinkie’ drama continues.  Last week, Romo dressed for the game against the Rams and was seemingly ready to step in as a back-up quarterback.  Now… Romo, himself said that he doesn’t think he can play this coming Sunday against Tampa Bay, or even, possibly, against the crucial November 2nd match-up against the New York Giants.  Having Romo sidelined is a huge blow for an already struggling Cowboys team.

Also, the Patriots all-star safety, Rodney Harrison, is reportedly not only out for the rest of the season with a torn right thigh muscle, but also out with a potential career ending injury.  The Pats will sorely miss Harrison’s presence on defense.

And Reggie Bush, the Saints stud running back, injured his meniscus. Apparently, this is a very tricky surgery, one athletes truly dread for fear of ‘bad career news’.  But, for Bush, the surgery was a success and doctors are saying he will only miss 3-4 weeks.  However, for the Saints, that is costly time, and it severely weakens their running game.  As you know, having a dangerous, multi-headed running attack is the key to their explosive passing game.  Drew Brees leads the NFL in passing yards, but those numbers could quickly slip without Bush in the line-up.


Finally, The World Series starts Wednesday night, and, unfortunately, will probably bow to very bad ratings.  However, it should be a classic match-up.  Cole Hamels will take the mound for Philly, while lefty Scott Kazmir will start for Tampa.  The storyline of the game:  Will Philly overcome their 25 year drought, or will Tampa Bay win it’s first World Series and become one of the greatest underdog stories ever (considering they had 11 losing seasons prior to this year).


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