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Consider the NLCS… OVER!  This thing was all Phillly all the time, and the Phillies finished off the LA Dodgers last night.  The Phillies’ Jimmy Rollins set the tone of the evening smacking a lead-off home run.  (And when the first batter hits a home-run, you know you’re in for a long night).  On the mound, Philadelphia’s Cole Hamels pitched his 3rd gem of the post-season.  This guy is for real.  Now, the Phillies advance to the World Series and will take on either the Tampa Bay Devil Rays or the Boston Red Sox.  Hint:  It’ll probably be the Devil Rays.  They’re killing the Bo-Sox.  But… you never know.  Philadelphia 5, Los Angeles 1.

Thursday night, it’s Game 5 of the ALCS, with the Devil Rays leading the series 3-1.  It’ll be Dice-K pitching for Boston, and Scott Kazmir for the Rays.  We could have our World Series match-up set tonight.


An article was released today featuring the owner of of a Greece professional team.  His name is Panayiotis Angelopoulos, and he’s a billionaire who owns Greece’s best team, Olympiacos.  Earlier this year, he signed Atlanta Hawks 6th man, Josh Childress, to a European contract.  His plan is to attract top talent and turn his team into the most powerful basketball team in Europe.  Now, however, he’s eyeing even bigger stars.  Like… Kobe Bryant.  He would love to bring big-name stars to the European market, and Josh Childress set a strange precedent signing with him.  Basically, Childress voluntarily chose a European team OVER the NBA.  Sure, many players are forced into playing in foreign markets, but to voluntarily opt to go there.  That’s something to keep an eye on.  Would Kobe consider leaving the NBA for $80 million (a number thrown out there by Angelopoulos).  Who knows?


A source reports that Cowboys QB, Tony Romo wants to play through his pinkie injury.  He said he could be ready to play against the Rams on Sunday.  However, the Cowboys organization probably won’t take this risk, for they want to ensure that he’s ready for the final stretch of the season.  If he gets hit again, he could be out for the year.  But you have to admire Romo’s determination.