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After a 10:06 pm rain delayed start, the Philadelphia Phillies rallied against the Tampa Bay Rays to win the game and take a 2-1 lead in the World Series.


The Texas Longhorns continue to roll, as they barely beat Oklahoma State on Saturday 28-24.  It was a battle of unbeatens, and it looked like Oklahoma State might actually topple the mighty Longhorns, especially as a result of a key fumble toward the end by Texas.  Oklahoma needed a touchdown with just a minute left in the game, and just couldn’t get the necessary first down to move the ball forward.  Texas QB, and Heisman leader, Colt McCoy made a few rare mistakes, but in the end he still threw for an incredible 391 yards and two TD’s.  This Texas team looks determined.

Now it seems Texas has a huge, dangerous match-up everyweek.  In the last three weeks, they’ve faced #1 Oklahoma, an explosive Missouri team, and an undefeated Oklahoma State.  And next week, they’ll take on another undefeated team… Texas Tech.  Texas Tech absolutely destroyed the Kansas Jayhawks yesterday 63-21.  And the number eight Red Raiders (who will move up come Monday) would like nothing more than to topple their Longhorned Rival.  So it’ll be the near perfect Colt McCoy against the rising Texas Tech quarterback, Graham Harrell, who threw for 386 yards and FIVE TOUCHDOWNS!!!  You can’t miss that game next week.

Elsewhere in the college football world, the Florida Gators are rebounding well after being upset a couple weeks ago.  They trounced the Kentucky Wildcats 63-5.  And in their final touchdown, David Nelson caught the ball at the ten yard line and literally dragged the Kentucky defender into the end zone.  Very funny.  Check out the highlights.


Finally, today’s featured match-up in the NFL won’t take place in any of the 50 states.  Nope, the New Orleans Saints and San Diego Chargers will battle it out… in London.  This is the NFL’s attempt to bring American football to an international audience.  However, last year, when the Dolphins took on the Giants, it was a pretty quiet stadium, and the London fans hated it when the Giants executed ‘ball control’ at the end of the game.  Essentially, they had a big lead, and just ran the ball, then ran out the clock for the easy win.  But UK fans are used to action-packed soccer match-ups to the very last second when the whistle blows.  They had no patience for a quiet, strategic finish.  Nope, they wanted their money’s worth.  We’ll see how the overseas contest plays out this year.

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