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Whoa, a HUGE day in college football:

First off, we will definitely have a new #1 team come Monday morning.  The current #1, Oklahoma, had their annual Red River Showdown with Texas.  Texas has beaten Oklahoma three of the last four years (theoretically, a lot of the same players were around), but this year Oklahoma looks amazing, especially behind their Heisman candidate, Sam Bradford.  Bradford threw for 5 Touchdown passes in the game, but it just wasn’t enough.  Texas looked nearly perfect.  They stalled a little in the first half, but turned it on in the second, edging the Oklahoma Sooners 45-35.  It’s mayhem in Austin tonight for sure.

So… with the Sooners out of the picture, #1 was up for grabs in “Important Game #2” — LSU v. Florida.  If LSU won, they would most likely secure the top spot.  But… that was far from what happened.  Florida had no interest in that result.  Florida’s quarterback and Former Heisman Trophy Winner, Tim Tebow, was dominant in the game — throwing for 210 yards, two TDs, and one rushing TD.  They absolutely crushed LSU, 51-21 Ladies and gentleman, #11 Florida finally looked like the powerhouse team everyone expected this season, making LSU look like just another game on the road to winning this whole thing.

Therefore, if LSU didn’t win, the pole position would surely belong to the hot Missouri Tigers.  All they needed to do was knock off the #17 Oklahoma State Cowboys.  The Cowboys looked good this season, but they shouldn’t be a match for Missouri’s star QB Chase Daniel, right?  Wrong.  The Cowboys took control of this game, and upset the Missouri Tigers 28-23.

Two teams had the shot to sit in the throne (LSU and Missouri), and both blew it.  So, come Monday, #1 will either belong to the re-born Texas Longhorns or the Alabama Crimson Tide (who had the week off).  Either way, this college football is still completely unpredictable, and don’t count out the hot teams from the beginning of the season (Georgia, USC, & Ohio State).


And finally, in some basketball news, a lesson to all NBA hopefuls.  If you work hard, practice everyday, and somehow make it into the NBA and earn that big paycheck, don’t, we repeat DON’T buy a moped.  Golden State Warrior star guard, Monta Ellis breached his lucrative $66 million dollar contract by spraining his ankle in a moped accident.  His contract prohibits him from pursuing dangerous activities as such, and his violation cost him a 30-game suspension and roughly $3 million in fines.  We all could use a spare $3 million dollars, and if somebody told you all you had to do to keep the money was not ride a moped, you would adhere, right?  But I guess that’s just us regular folk.

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