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Today was trade deadline day in the NFL — also known as put-up or shut-up teams.  Do you think your team is good enough as is, or could it use just a little bit of help.  Here were some notable transactions and signings.

Roy Williams, the Detroit Lions star Wide Receiver for the past 3 seasons, is heading to (drum roll please)… the Dallas Cowboys.  There was speculation that he might join the Tennessee Titans, and give them a much needed target in their passing attack.  But… it was not meant to be.  Williams will join the explosive Dallas passing game, which is already thriving with Terrell Owens, Patrick Crayton, and Miles Austin (who has a touchdown pass in each of his last 3 games).  Now, with Williams, they almost look unstoppable.  Except… they don’t have their captain Tony Romo to run the ship.  He’s out for a full month with a pinkie injury, and now 40-year old veteran Brad Johnson takes the reigns.  But with that offensive machine, how can anybody fail?

Furthermore,  you have to assume that the Lions are satisfied with their passing attack.  They have ‘Megatron’ (Calvin Johnson), but he suffered a concussion last week.  Plus, their veteran quarterback, Jon Kitna, was ruled ‘out  for the season’ yesterday.  He’s replaced by 4th year QB, Dan Orlovsky who has not…looked…good.  It could be a very ugly rest of the year for Detroit.

And the Washington Redskins made a big free-agent signing, inking former Seahawks uber-star RB, Shawn Alexander, to a one year contract.  Now, if the Redskins leading rusher, Clinton Portis, goes down — they have a former superstar to back him up.  Things are looking up for the Redskins right now, given that the mighty NFC East looked breakable on Sunday (with Dallas losing to Arizona, and the previously undefeated NY Giants losing to Cleveland).  However, the Redskins did lose to the win less Rams on Sunday, so maybe they need more help than just Shawn Alexander.

And if you are one for warm and fuzzies, here’s one for YOU.  Yesterday, Tony Romo received a ‘Get-Better-Soon’ phone call from none other than the legend… Brett Favre.  Favre told Romo to take it easy on the finger, and not try to force it.  Favre said that he knows Romo is one of the Top 5 players in the league, and would play through the pain if he could.  He knows that the best thing for the Cowboys is to rest their captain QB, and keep their eyes set on the top prize:  The Super Bowl.

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