One word:  WOW!  It was Game 5 of the ALCS Championship Series, and it looked like the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, having all the momentum coming into the game, were going to close it out.  Nothing changed the fans minds through 7 innings, as the D-Rays got up to a 7-1 lead.  But then… things changed.  It all started with a 3-run homer from Red Sox slugger, David Ortiz.  Then — it was JD Drew, knocking a 2-run homer to make it a 1 run game.  However, Coco Crisp took care of that, knocking in a clutch RBI to tie the game.  It was mayhem in Fenway.  Finally, in the 9th inning, it was JD Drew AGAIN, hitting a beautiful single to deep right to bring in the winning run.  Wow — when a team’s season is on the brink, they just pull it together.  That’s exactly what Boston did last night, and it was the largest post-season come back in 79 YEARS!  Truly crazy.  Now, the Red Sox have all the momentum going into Game 6.  Stay tuned.  Boston 8, Tampa Bay 7.

And, some more interesting baseball news — there is currently a pending lawsuit from Barry Bonds alleging that all the teams conspired not to sign him.  Almost like a pact.  This was most certainly in response to all the allegations against Bonds for performance-enhancing drugs, and this could be seen as a ‘lets just move on and forget about him’ attitude from Major League Baseball.  But, unfortunately… that’s illegal.  Under the collective bargaining agreement, (signed by all teams), it states “Players shall not act in concert with other players and clubs shall not act in concert with other clubs.” We’ll have to see how this all plays out, but it’s quite an interesting case, as there were definitely fans out there wondering why their favorite teams wouldn’t sign a monster hitter like Barry Bonds for the playoffs.  Now it’s starting to make a little sense.

College Football

In college football, a key Thursday night game featured the surging and undefeated BYU Cougars against TCU (LaDainian Tomlinson’s alma mater).  BYU had National Championship dreams in their eyes, but those were quickly washed away as TCU trounced BYU 32-7.  Furthermore, this snapped BYU’s 16-game winning streak (stretching back to last season), that was currently the longest in the nation.  To sum it up — bad night for BYU.

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