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Lakers/Nuggets And Heat/Celtics, Matt Ryan Joining CBS Sports & Not Retiring, Brady Discussing Ownership Role W/Raiders


For the first time in NBA playoff history,  a #7 (LA Lakers) and #8 (Miami Heat) seeds are in the conference finals. On May 16th the Lakers and the Nuggets will begin their series, and the Heat and the Celtics will begin on the 17th.


Quarterback Matt Ryan tweeted he’s joining CBS Sports as an NFL analyst, but he very specifically stated he’s not announcing his retirement. According to “The Athletic”,

The Colts released Ryan in March, a widely expected move that followed a massively disappointing season. While it cleared more than $17 million in cap space, the Colts are still on the hook for roughly $18 million, which likely played a role in Ryan’s decision on whether or not to retire. If he had walked away from the game, the Colts would be off the hook. Instead, he’ll get paid quite handsomely not to play this fall.

It’s rumored Tom Brady is in discussions with Las Vegas owner Mark Davis for an ownership partner role with the Raiders.



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