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Shocking Upsets In Stanley Cup, Curry Makes History Again In Big Game 7 Win, Misbehaving Parents In New Jersey Little League


Shocking upsets in round one of the Stanley Cup! Seattle (a franchise only two years old) pulled off an incredible win over the defending Stanley Cup champions, the Colorado Avalanche in Game 7. The Boston Bruins lost in overtime to the Florida Panthers. The Bruins, one of the best regular-season teams in history going into the Tournament, fumbled a 3-1 lead for a first-round loss.


Steph Curry made history yet again. He scored 50 points (the most points ever scored in a Game 7) for an exciting win over the Sacramento Kings. Kevon Looney also had an epic night by grabbing more than 20 rebounds (the third time he’s done this in this series). The Warriors will now face LeBron and the Lakers on Thursday night.


A New Jersey town has an interesting solution for parents who misbehave during their children’s Little League games. “If parents want to yell at the umpires, they have to become an umpire for three games. If they refuse, they are thrown out of the game.”


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