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Texans Hire Culley, Eli Manning Back W/Giants, Heat Using COVID Sniffing Dogs


The Houston Texans hired former Baltimore Ravens coaching staff member David Culley to replace head coach Bill O’Brien.

Quarterback Eli Manning retired last season from the New York Giants, but after a year away from the team, it looks as if he’ll be back. He recently met with owner John Mara and expressed an interest in returning to the Club as an Ambassador/Mentor.


The Miami Heat will be using COVID-19-sniffing trained dogs to detect the virus in fans attending tonight’s game against the Clippers. 1500 season ticket holders will be attending the game at American Airlines Arena. Before entering the arena, the fans will have to go to a screening area. The detection dogs will walk past the people, and if the dog doesn’t stop then the fan is cleared to go, but if the dog sits, then the fan won’t be allowed into the game. According to a German study, the detection dogs had 94% accuracy in sniffing out the virus.

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