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Brady’s TB12 Diet, Magnus Carlsen Loses To 18 Yr Old, Mice At Australian Open


One of the topics of conversation leading up to the Super Bowl is the obvious comparison of how a 43-year old Tom Brady will fare against a 25-year-old Patrick Mahomes. In order to keep in peak physical condition, Brady swears by his TB12 diet. Check out CBS Sports’ Pete Blackburn attempting to live like Brady for a week.


The best chess player in the world, Magnus Carlsen shockingly lost to 18-year old Andrey Esipenko at the Tata Steel Tournament. In a tweet after the match, Carlsen jokingly said, “Had a very unpleasant experience at the playing hall today, felt like a swab was being shoved into my nostril and all the way inside my brain, causing a lot of pain. Covid test after the game was not that bad though #TataSteelChess”


The 2021 Australian Open will begin on February 8th, but the players are already on-site due to quarantine protocols. Unfortunately, though, the accommodations are not ideal. Number 28th ranked Yulia Putintseva documented the mice problem in her hotel room, but rather than trying to solve the issue, local authorities are blaming the players for feeding the mice and contributing to the problem.



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