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Ron Rivera Fired By Panthers, Harden’s Breakaway Dunk Doesn’t Count


With only four weeks left in the NFL regular season, teams are starting to re-think their coaching needs. On Tuesday, the Carolina Panthers fired coach Ron Rivera. Rivera led the Panthers to the Super Bowl after the 2015 season, but the team missed the playoffs last year and don’t appear to be making the playoffs this year. There could be more coaching layoffs in the weeks to come.


The Houston Rockets lost in double-overtime to the San Antonio Spurs on Wednesday night, but the team is hoping the NBA will overturn the loss due to the Rockets’ James Harden’s breakaway dunk. Harden dunked the ball with 7:50 remaining in the game and the Rockets leading 104-89. The refs said the shot wasn’t good due to basket interference, but then after the game, they reviewed the call and determined the ball did clear the basket.  The refs also stated that Houston could have challenged the play but let too much time elapse.  The successful dunk could have changed the course of the game, and Houston is holding out hope the NBA will make amends.


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