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Two Bodies Found, Williams Waiting On Seeding


In two odd stories, a body was found in a walk-in beer cooler at the Atlanta Braves park before the first pitch on Tuesday. Reports indicate the man was a third-party contractor. Also on Tuesday, a body was found in the home of New York Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins. Reports indicate Jenkins was in Florida at his off-season residence. Police are investigating both situations.


Serena Williams is waiting to hear if she will get a seeding at Wimbledon. After maternity leave, Williams ranking fell to 453 (and has since climbed to 183), but the WTA is considering revising its seedings for women coming back from maternity leave. US Open (the final Grand Slam tournament of the year) officials are already considering the new policy. One such official said, “It’s the right thing to do for these mothers that are coming back,” and that “players should not be “penalized” for starting a family”. Williams has won the US Open 6 times.

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