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US/Canada/Mexica Win Bid For 2026 World Cup, Luck’s Shoulder Healed, Cabrera Out For Season


The World Cup is just about underway in Russia with 32 teams competing in the most watched sporting event in the world. The United States did not qualify this year (the first time in three decades), but they did secure (with their neighbors Canada and Mexico) the bid to host the 2026 tournament. In 2026, the tournament will expand to 48 teams (including the host countries). No other World Cup has split hosting duties three ways, but the US, Canada, and Mexico agreed to have 60 games played in the US with 10 played in Canada and 10 in Mexico. The Final match will be played at New York’s MetLife Stadium.


The Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Andrew Luck appears to be healed from his shoulder injury and ready to compete. He recently threw in front of the media and claims he is “absolutely” ready to play in week 1 vs the Cincinnati Bengals


Detroit Tigers Miguel Cabrera (known as Miggy) ruptured his left bicep and will be out the remainder of the season. Cabrera was the AL MVP in 2012-2013, and his absence will be a huge loss for the team. Tiger manager Ron Gardenhire captured the feeling of the team when he said, “Definitely a big blow for our ballclub and that young man. Very sad day for our baseball team though. He’s a special player, a special person to have around here. That’s a blow. I feel terrible when I saw him do that.”

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