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Capitals Win Stanley Cup, 76ers Colangelo Resigns, Terrell Owens Declines Invite To HOF Ceremony


For the first time in 43 seasons, the Washington Capitals  finally achieved their goal-National Champions and winners of the Stanley Cup. The win also marks Washington’s first national title since the Redskins won the Super Bowl in 1992. After scoring 15 goals during the playoffs, Alex Ovechkin was named MVP.  Even though the Capitals played game 5 in Vegas, their fans came out in droves yelling “We want the Cup”and they got it! Congrats Capitals!


After a tumultuous week, the Philadelphia 76ers Bryan Colangelo resigned as the team GM. Colangelo denied he was responsible for the twitter accounts denigrating the team. Apparently the burner accounts (which disparaged certain members of the team) belonged to Bryan’s wife, Barbara. While this crisis has been difficult for the organization, it’s unlikely it will affect their draft prospects or the team in general. As head coach Brett Brown said in a news conference, “We’ve all been doing this long enough to understand that this too shall pass.”


Former SF 49ers wide receiver Terrell Owens announced he will not be in attendance at the Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Owens said, “While I am incredibly appreciative of this opportunity, I have made the decision to publicly decline my invitation to attend the induction ceremony in Canton. After visiting Canton earlier this year, I came to the realization that I wish to celebrate what will be one of the most memorable days of my life, elsewhere.” A representative from the Hall of Fame said this was “unprecedented”.

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