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Lakers Told To Tone Down Roasting, Kemp And Chirinos Ejected


The Lakers’ Lonzo Ball and Kyle Kuzma are friends and are known to roast each other on social media. The Laker organization has now decided this “friendly” roasting needs to be toned down as it’s getting personal.  If the two teammates are friends, why would the Lakers care? Some speculate the organization is courting LeBron and doesn’t want the appearance of any discord on the team, although Ball and Kuzma (with Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart) insist they’re just having fun. Ingram said, “Whether it is talking off the court, whether it is talking on the basketball court, we really have had a bond.”


Los Angeles Dodger Matt Kemp collided at home plate in the third inning with Texas Ranger Robinson Chirinos causing both players to be ejected. Kemp was tagged out, but not before lowering his shoulder and running into Chirinos. Chirinos shoved him causing both benches to clear. According to Chirinos, “he leaned into me and put his shoulder into me. That’s when I rushed him. Everyone knows the rule, they preach it to us in spring training. It was emotional.” Dodgers won the game 3-2.

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