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Shaq’s Son Decommits Arizona & Commits To UCLA, LeBron’s New Greatness, Papa Johns And NFL Over


The FBI has been on a two year investigation of corruption in college basketball recruiting.  Arizona is currently in the hot seat after a wiretap revealed the coach, Sean Miller, discussing a $100,000 payment to top high school prospect  Deandre Ayton.  The news kept getting worse for the school when Shaquille O’Neal’s son, Shareef, announced he decommitted from Arizona over the illegal recruiting scheme. Shareef committed to play for UCLA, and both Dad and Son posted his announcement on social media.

There’s no one who can dispute LeBron James greatness as a basketball star. And now he has added to that dominance by creating his own statistical category. On Tuesday night, LeBron became the only player in NBA history to record 30,000 points, 8,000 rebounds and 8,000 assists. LeBron reflected on this accomplishment by saying, “With the long list of so many great players that have come through this league, in the history of this league, for me to be the only [person] in a category, I think it’s pretty cool.” He went on to say, “I always wanted to be labeled as just an all-around basketball player; and I get more gratification out of the assists more than anything, because to get my guys great looks or they’re knocking down shots, that means a lot to me.”


Papa Johns Pizza and the NFL have mutually agreed to end their sponsorship relationship. Papa Johns made news a few months ago when the former CEO blamed declining sales on the NFL national anthem protests. The company said it will still work with specific teams in the League.


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