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Shaun White Wins Gold For 3rd Time, Unified Korean Women’s Hockey,Gerard Overslept Then Won Gold


Shaun White captured the Gold medal in the halfpipe and made history as the only male to win gold medals in three separate Olympics. Speedskater Bonnie Blair is the only woman to have won three golds  in 1988, 1992, and 1994. White won his first gold at 19 years old in Turin, put the sport on the map and became a global brand. He won again decisively four years later in Vancouver, but then missed medaling by placing a disappointing 4th four years after that in Sochi. At 31 years old, and even after suffering a few injuries, White still showed why he’s the greatest in the sport.  White’s win gave the United States its 100th gold in the Winter Games.

One of the most highly anticipated stories in the Olympics was the unified Korean women’s hockey team. The coach of the South Korean team, Sarah Murray, was told just about two weeks before the Games began that she would be adding 12 North Korean players to the team and would need to play 3 of them in each game. That’s not a lot of time to foster team unity, but according to Murray, “we’re really enjoying working with the North Korean players,” and then added, “the chemistry on this team is better than I ever would have predicted.” The unified team has lost two of their games 8-0 but still has a few more chances to show what they can do.

It’s hard to imagine, but the United States first gold medal was won by a teenager who overslept because he binge watched Brooklyn Nine Nine on Netflix. At 17 years old, Red Gerard, looked at the TV camera and exclaimed, “holy f*ck” when he found out he won gold in men’s slopestyle snowboarding.






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