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U.S. Halpipers Wise And Ferreira Win Gold/Silver, Team USA Beats Team Canada In Shootout, Tinder Spike In Village


The United States dominated in the men’s halfpipe with David Wise bringing in the gold and Alex Ferreira taking home the silver. Ferreira and Wise formed a strong bond during the Olympic training and even got matching tattoos of the PyeongChang logo. Wise’s long hair has been a story throughout the Olympics, and now that he’s won gold, he says he’ll donate his locks to a cancer charity.

The United States and Canada’s women’s hockey have an intense rivalry over the years, with Canada dominating the medal stand by winning gold the past four Olympic games. Thursday night both teams played their heart out, but the U.S. pulled out the win in a dramatic 3-2 shootout. Many fans believe the shootout is an unfair way to determine a game of this importance and want it banned in the future. This is the first Olympic gold for U.S. women’s hockey since 1988.

Now that the Olympic games are winding down and the athletes are finding they have more time on their hands, tinder reported an increase of 348% in activity.  With all the attractive and athletic competitors in one place, it’s no surprise. According to Reuters, “Every Olympics we hear that Tinder is ‘on fire’ in the Villages and we notice our usage increase significantly when people from around the world gather for an event.”


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