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LeBron And Warriors Rumor, Russian Athletes Doping Overturned, Terrell Owens HOF Complaining


LeBron James has made it clear he wants another championship and is invested in either building a team around him or taking his talents elsewhere. He has indicated he’ll become an unrestricted free agent after the season and decline his $35.6 million player option with the Cavaliers. There’s widespread speculation as to where he’d end up (Warriors and Rockets have been named), but any team would have to make significant maneuvers and cuts to afford LeBron.


With only one week to go before the games begin, the International Olympic Committee has overturned doping bans on 28 Russian athletes. Many of these athletes are now seeking late entries into the games in Pyeongchang. The Winter Olympics begins on February 9th.


On Saturday night, the NFL will announce the 2018 Hall of Fame inductees. Terrell Owens is on the shortlist, but has been denied the last two years. This year, he’s hoping to get the honor, but has already stated he won’t go in as San Francisco 49er, where he spent 8 years racking up impressive stats.  He also shared his feelings about not making the cut the last two years. He told NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football”, “I feel more disrespect than disappointed, And I’ve always said, too, that when you align your expectations with reality, you’ll never be disappointed. So I think in terms of my body of work and what I’ve done for the game, that speaks loudly for itself. But in terms of bringing up all these other narratives as for why I’m not in the [Hall of Fame] as far as character issues … it doesn’t add up.”

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