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Flacco Back Issue, Kaep Possible Replacement, Jones Missing Diamond, Irving Ripped Ring, Irving Trade Talk


The Baltimore Ravens’ QB Joe Flacco will miss the start of training camp on Thursday. Reports differ on whether he’ll be out just one week or between three and six weeks due to a disk issue in his back. If he’s out for awhile, there’s now speculation on whether the team will look into signing former SF 49r Colin Kaepernick.  Kaepernick has been waiting all year to hear from an NFL team even though quarterbacks with lesser talent have been scooped up.

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Julio Jones hired a team of divers to try and find his diamond earring worth more than $100,000. Do find exquisite designs by visiting this site. Jones lost his earring after hitting a wake while on his jet ski. According to the divers, it will be impossible to find.

In other missing jewelry news, Dallas Cowboys linebacker David Irving was searching for his missing nipple ring. During training camp, it was torn off of his body and now his nipple is ripped. Ouch!


The Cleveland Cavaliers held a press conference re-stating the team is “in charge”, but talk of a massive Kyrie Irving trade still appears to be in the works, causing many to wonder what the team is thinking about its superstars.