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Swaggy P To Warriors, Unsportsmanlike Fines At Wimbledon


In more free agency moves, Nick Young (also known as “Swaggy P”), who played for the Lakers for 4 years, will head to the Golden State Warriors in a one year deal worth $5.2 million. The reason the Warriors can afford to grab players like Young (and Casspi) is partly due to MVP Kevin Durant taking a less money on his 2 year contract with the team. Durant celebrated the signing by posting a now iconic image of Young prematurely celebrating a missed 3-pointer. If you’re wondering how Young got the nickname Swaggy P, he explained it came to him in a dream. “God, in a dream, talked to me, and he gave me that name. I’m like, ‘you know what God? That is a funny name! I might need to run with it!’ And ever since then, I’ve been calling myself Swaggy P. It’s a household name.”


Not only did the Australian Bernard Tomic Wimbledon lose in his first round at Wimbledon, but he also got fined $15,000 for unsportsmanlike conduct during his news conference after the match. He announced he felt “a little bit bored out there and he “just couldn’t find any motivation” to compete while also saying he called a medical timeout to try get his momentum back. #47 in the world, Daniil Medvedev was also fined for unsportsmanlike conduct when he threw coins at the umpire after his loss in the second round. He denies he was implying the umpired was biased, but at Wimbledon athletes are usually more respectful.

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