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Goodell Takes Newton’s Complaints Seriously, Cavs Move Game Up So Fans Can Watch Indians


Cam NewtonCarolina Panthers QB Cam Newton has been complaining the refs aren’t making the calls to protect him properly. Cam’s been getting hit pretty hard in games and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has taken the complaint seriously. The League always reviews hits on QB’s but Goodell has taken it a step further by offering to meet directly with Cam to hear his concerns. After Sunday’s game, Cam complained about not feeling safe on the field and said he’d take his complaint directly to the top.  He said, “The story of my life ever since I came in is, ‘Oh, oh, well, we missed that one. I’m sorry. I’ll try to get it.’ That’s bullcrap. As player in this league if we do something stupid we get fined. If you do something derogatory to somebody else, we get fined. I just can’t keep accepting, ‘Oh, we missed that one.’ Or ‘I apologize for doing that.’ Or ‘I didn’t see it.’ That’s horsecrap.’ . . .


Cleveland fans are excited to have the Indians back in town for game 6 of the World Series. If they win tonight, they’ll be champs, so the feeling is all fans need to rooting the Indians on.  Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert didn’t want his fans to be conflicted on what to watch so he moved his game against Houston up an hour to 6:00 pm so everyone will be on deck for the Indians. Game 6 of the World Series begins at 8:00 pm ET tonight.



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