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Carpenter’s Wife Wants Sherman Castrated, Kaep Didn’t Vote, Saban Didn’t Know There Was Election


As previously reported, Seattle’s Richard Sherman’s hit on Bill’s kicker Dan Carpenter on Monday Night was not reported as unnecessary roughness. Even though Richard wasn’t penalized, Carpenter’s wife took to twitter and wrote Sherman “should be castrated” for his actions. Kaela’s comment then started an even bigger controversy as many thought her comment was racist. She has since apologized over twitter stating she was attempting to be humorous. When are people going to realize they don’t need to put every thought that pops in their head (whether it’s interesting or idiotic) on social media for everyone to see?

stephen-a-smithThe election has been a big topic of conversation in the sports world. Some have expressed their disappointment, some (like LeBron James) say to continue to have faith, and some like Alabama Coach Nick Saban have claimed they didn’t even know Tuesday was election day (which seems odd). Then there is SF QB Colin Kaepernick who refused to stand during the National Anthem and started a social injustice movement, didn’t even vote. ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith went on a rampage on Kaep’s hypocrisy:

“As far as I’m concerned, Colin Kaepernick is absolutely irrelevant. I don’t want to see him again, I don’t want hear from him again, I don’t want to hear a [darn] word about anything he has to say about our nation … He comes across as a flaming hypocrite. …

“After all this noise that you made, even though you didn’t intended to do so, by offending our military service men and women, and pointing out about how you wanted to bring attention to racial injustices and beyond in this country, to turn around and not even take your behind to the polls to vote for a particular candidate, it is shameful! Absolutely shameful!”


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