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Harvard Soccer Suspended Lewd Remarks, Cavs 5-0, Durant Dominates


harvardThe Harvard Crimson reported members of the Harvard soccer team were suspended for the season because they continued to make inappropriate comments (including rating attractiveness) of the Harvard women’s soccer team. The team is now no longer able to compete for the NCAA championship and will forfeit the rest of its games.


Even though Cleveland lost the World Series they still have LeBron and the Cavs as their reigning champions. It’s still early in the season, but the Cavs are now out to a  5-0 start.

Everyone was anticipating the now Golden State Warriors’ Kevin Durant’s reunion with his old team the Oklahoma City Thunder. Durant played for OKC for 8 years so returning to play against them was emotional. Prior to the game he said, “The 405 (Oklahoma City’s area code) has a special place in my heart,” he said. “Those fans, no matter what they call me or how they feel about me, they know, that if you see me anywhere, that you’ll feel like I was your friend. That’s how you made me feel, and how I made them feel. Those memories are never going to fade. I feel a certain away about that city, that state, that organization. And I look at that as – I’m going to put (those years) on my trophy case. That eight years is going to go in my trophy case. Not in the trash.” Durant didn’t dwell on these sentiments during the game however. With 39 points and 7 three-pointers, he dominated his former team and gave the victory to the Warriors. Warriors 122, Thunder 96.


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