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Newton Illegal Hits, Prescott Records 7th Win, Kelce Throws Towel, Raiders Stand Up To Broncos D, Marshall Stands During Anthem


Cam Newton keeps getting pounded by opposing teams and is not getting the calls from refs. Cam very vocally complained last week (and even had a talk with Commissioner Roger Goodell), but clearly nothing is getting done as he had a  couple of obvious illegal hits against him on Sunday by the Los Angeles Rams. Panthers 13, Rams 10.

Dak Prescott continues to show his leadership quarterbacking the Dallas Cowboys. This fourth round rookie phenom recorded his 7th straight win with a seemingly easy trouncing of the winless Cleveland Browns. There is still talk the Cowboys will replace Prescott when veteran QB Tony Romo becomes healthy. With the Cowboys sitting at the top of the NFC, it seems likely they will stick with Prescott. Dallas 35, Cleveland 10.

Travis KelceDuring the 4th quarter of Kanas City Chiefs game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce (who’s a reality star in his new show “Catching Kelce”) got into a heated argument with a ref and threw a towel at him when he refused to call a pass interference penalty. Refs aren’t too fond of having things thrown at them, so not surprisingly Kelce was ejected from the game. If you have Kelce on your fantasy team (as my team, the Screaming Weasels, does), you weren’t too happy with this outcome. Chiefs 19, Jags 14.

The Denver Broncos mighty defense couldn’t stand up to the running game of the Oakland Raiders. Latavius Murray brought in 3 TD’s in the 30-20 victory over the Broncos. With the win, the Raiders take control of the AFC West.

Speaking of standing up, Broncos linebacker Brandon Marshall decided to stand during the National Anthem for the first time this season. He stated on Instagram, “I’m encouraged with the many productive discussions and progress that has taken place as the Denver Police department has decided to review its use of force policy. I’m proud to have joined so many of my peers throughout sports who’ve also made their own statements. Going forward, I will be standing for the National Anthem—not because everything is perfect, or because I’m changing my stance on things. But because of my hope for what we can become.”

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