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US Women’s Soccer Demand Equal Pay, Iowa State Football Players Save Life, Iguodala’s Prank On Festus


Women's SoccerFive players from the US Women’s National Soccer team complained to the US Soccer Federation they were grossly underpaid compared to the players on the men’s team. As defending World Cup and Olympic Champions, Women’s National Soccer generates more revenue than the men (who’ve never made it past the World Cup quarterfinals) yet the women are getting paid 40% less. Co-captain Carli Lloyd appeared with 4 of her teammates on the Today show and told Matt Lauer, “I think the timing is right. I think we’ve proven our worth over the years, just coming off a World Cup win”.


In a feel good story of sports gone right. A group of spring break celebrating Iowa State Football players saved a women’s life. One of the players, Josh Jahlas, was on the balcony of his hotel room and saw a car sinking in the bay. He and his teammates ran to the water, broke the windshield of the sinking car, and successfully pulled her to safety.


The Golden State Warriors are at it again but this time in pulling off an April Fools day joke on Festus Ezeli. Andre Iguodala orchestrated the prank with the help of his teammates. Watch here as Festus hears he’s been released from the team.

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