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Spieth Meltdown, Willett Wins Masters, Warriors Tie Record 72 Wins


Danny WillettIn an epic meltdown, former Masters’ 2015 winner Jordan Spieth gave up a big lead between the 10th and 12th holes on Sunday to drop from first to tied for second place.  Danny Willett, the #12 player in the world stepped up and won his first major championship and the honor of wearing the green jacket.


The Golden State Warriors not only tied the 1995/6 Chicago Bulls 72 game win record but also accomplished this feat by finally beating the San Antonio Spurs at home. The Warriors haven’t beaten the Spurs on their home court since 1997. After 32 straight regular season losses against the Spurs at home, the Warriors pulled off an important win to set up a dramatic final regular season game Wednesday night against the Memphis Grizzlies. If the Warriors win Wednesday, 10:30 pm EST, they will have eclipsed Michael Jordan’s 1995 Bulls win record and secured their place in history.

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