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Jenkins Buzzer-Beater Leads Villanova To National Title


Kris JenkinsVillanova’s Kris Jenkins made history with a buzzer-beater 3-pointer to win the Championship game and give Villanova it’s 2nd National Title. With only seconds left and down by 3, UNC’s Marcus Paige splayed his legs midair in an impossible 3-pointer to tie the game and seemingly send the teams to overtime. But then with only seconds left, Senior Ryan Arcidiacono (named final four most outstanding player), passed the ball to Jenkins setting up the game winning shot.  It was a game for the ages and a shot for the ages. Congratulations Villanova.

In one of the most heart warming stories of the tournament, Jenkins not only became a national hero to Wildcat fans, but got to play against his brother, UNC’s reserve guard Nate Britt. Britt’s parents became legal guardians for Jenkins so he could excel athletically and academically. Nate and Kris consider each other brothers.  As Nate told a reporter,  “Most people didn’t know Kris is my brother, Well, he’s my god-brother technically, but he’s my brother. We’ve created a bond that’s pretty much unbreakable. … I don’t think I’ve played against him (five-on-five) since I was 10 or 11. When we play pick-up, we’re always on the same team because we have this chemistry together.” For a great story of how this all came about, read here.

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