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Sanchez Wants Bronco Job Badly, RGIII Has Chip On Shoulder


Mark SanchezMark Sanchez, who the Denver Broncos acquired in a trade shortly after Peyton Manning announced his retirement, really, really wants the starting job. “I will bet on myself and compete my butt off. I will be friendly and professional with whoever is there. But I want this bad. Really bad. I want what they experienced last year,” Sanchez said.

This week he held his own passing camp with Broncos skill-position players including Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. His goal is to develop a rapport with the team and get his foot in the door with the organization. He’s likely going to have some stiff competition, however. The Broncos are rumored to be eyeing a trade for San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, and could very well pick another high profile QB early on in the draft. The proposed deal with Kaepernick would reportedly require the struggling player to take a $12 million pay cut over the next two years, something he quite possibly won’t be compelled to do.

Cleveland Browns quarterback (Robert Griffin III) RGIII is ready to get back on the field. After spending the entire 2015 season on the Washington Redskins’ bench, Griffin feels he has something to prove. “I am not trying to let any baggage hold me down from the past, but I do have a massive chip on my shoulder,” he told reporters. “I know this team has a massive chip on its shoulder.” The Browns have never won the Super Bowl and have famously had trouble at the quarterback position, Johnny Manziel’s recent struggles being just the tip of the iceberg. The team has had 24 starting quarterbacks since 1999. “I know the history, a little bit, of Cleveland,” Griffin said. “And guys sometimes don’t want to come here. I wanted to come here. I wanted to be here, and I wanted them to know that.”

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