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Cavs Clinch Top Seed, LeBron Focused, Gordon Still In Trouble


LeBron and KyrieThe Cleveland Cavaliers have clinched the top seed in the Eastern Conference with their victory over the Atlanta Hawks on Monday. LeBron James downplayed the importance of clinching the top seed prior to the game, but he was clearly gunning for a victory Monday night. Ever since he announced he was entering “Post Season Mode,” a sort of magical mental state where LeBron plays consistently like LeBron, he’s been focused. “He’s just taken it to a whole other level the last three or four weeks, playing at a very high level, shooting the ball very well, shooting it with confidence and also getting it to the basket,” the Cavs coach said. “”I hope he can keep it up. If he plays like this, man, we’re going to be tough to beat.” That kind of high caliber performance made a difference against the Hawks. James scored 34 points, and his teammate Kyrie Irving scored 35. It is the third time in team history that the Cavs have clinched the number one seed in the East. Cleveland 109, Atlanta 94


Suspended Cleveland Browns Wide Receiver Josh Gordon has reportedly failed his most recent drug test. The player has been suspended the last year for violating the league’s substance abuse policy on multiple occasions. Gordon is seeking reinstatement with the league, but this latest indiscretion may prove problematic. If he’s really trying to turn things around, he may want to reconsider the company he keeps. Gordon has also been linked to troubled Quarterback Johnny Manziel, who the Browns cut earlier this off season. Manziel has been spotted partying in West Hollywood every night in recent weeks. Bizarrely, he recently told reporters that he was living with Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, who responded on Twitter, saying that Manziel is “his brother,” but he’s definitely not living with him. Instead, reports indicate that Manziel is actually living with none other than Josh Gordon. And the soap opera continues…

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