In the NBA, it was Game 5 between the Brooklyn Nets and the Miami Heat.   The Heat led 3-1 and were hoping to close out the series on their home court.  But a team stocked full of veterans like Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Deron Williams, and Kevin Garnett were not going to go down easy.  They led most of the way, and grabbed a 7 point lead with under 4 minutes to go.  But you simply can not count out LeBron and the Heat.  They know how to win games like this.  They played perfect defense, hit clutch 3’s, and grabbed the lead.  The Nets had one more chance to tie it up, but thanks to LeBron’s tenacious defense, they couldn’t even get a shot off.  The Heat win, and easily move on the to the Eastern Conference Finals.  They will face the winner of Pacers/Wizards.  Miami 96, Brooklyn 94.

Then, it was Game 5 between the San Antonio Spurs and the Portland Trailblazers.  Portland is hanging on by the skin of their teeth, but they have a rejuvenated energy after their win at home.  San Antonio, however, isn’t a team that is intimidated by motivation or momentum.  They are a methodical team that knows how to win championships.  And they came out and pummeled the Blazers, putting a definite end to their brilliant season.  The Blazers should be very proud of their efforts this year.  They are a team on the rise, and will likely compete for a top spot in the West next year.  San Antonio 104, Portland 82.

Finally, in NBA coaching news, some major signings.  First, the Detroit Pistons have found their new man in ex-Orlando Magic coach Stan Van Gundy.  Van Gundy is a great coach who knows how to win, and the Pistons need that type of leadership with their young talent if they want to get to the next level.  Then, in the major surprise of the day, after a month of musing that Steve Kerr will become the new head coach of the New York Knicks, he has spurred the Knicks at the last minute in favor of the Golden State Warriors.  Kerr will also do well with those young guys, and it begs an interesting question as to who will take the reigns of the Knicks — a very coveted position in sports.

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