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In the NBA, it was the start of Round 2.  First up, the Indiana Pacers hosting the Washington Wizards.  The Pacers had a putrid start in Round 1, but muscled up and managed to escape. The Wizards are red hot right now, playing as a team, and believe they can beat anyone.  That’s a bad recipe for the Pacers:  a team that is having serious chemistry problems.  This game was all Wizards from the opening tip.  These guys can really score!  The Wiz stayed on top. Game 1.  Washington 102, Indiana 96.

Then, it was Game 1 of the highly anticipated Los Angeles Clippers vs. Oklahoma City Thunder.  The Thunder looked fantastic against Memphis on Saturday, and the Clippers have suddenly become America’s team after the Donald Sterling scandal.  Plus, these are two of the most potent offenses in the NBA.  Unfortunately for the Thunder, they just were not prepared for the wrath of a now ferocious Clippers team.  This game was over before it started, as the Clips built a 20-point lead and never looked back.  OKC will have to truly rethink their strategy for Game 2.  LA Clippers 122, OKC 105.

Finally, even though the Toronto Raptors were eliminated from the playoffs, they completely rejuvenated the Canadian fan base around the team.  This team was so popular that hundreds of people gathered outside the stadium for games.  It was a big party!  They love their Raptors up there, and even coined the slogan “We The North!”.  Thus, Raptors management rewarded head coach Dwane Casey with a 3-year deal.  If this team adds some pieces, they could be competitive in the East for years to come.

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