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James, Wade, and BoshIn the NBA, it was Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Finals between the Indiana Pacers and the Miami Heat.  The Pacers needed the win to tie up the series if they wanted the home court advantage they worked all year to earn to actually matter.  But, the Heat had other plans, and Monday night, LeBron James and Chris Bosh helped topple the Pacers and to gain a 3-1 edge in the series.  The Pacers are now one game away from elimination, and LeBron is getting very close to his 3rd straight title.  Miami 102, Indiana 90.


Butt FumbleIn some funny news out of the NFL, former Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez might not be having a Hall of Fame career, but he’s hoping to get that career back on track in Philadelphia.  While he will be a back-up, he’s still practicing hard in an attempt to contribute in some way in Chip Kelly’s offense.  His career up until this point, however, is marked by hilarity, namely the famous “Butt Fumble” from two seasons ago, in which Sanchez slipped and his face went smack dab into a player’s back end.  That Butt Fumble jersey just sold for $820 to a Jets fan.  When your jersey that marked the most embarrassing moment of your career sells for a nearly $1000, that is definitely not a good mark on your pro career.


Finally, the big news of the weekend came from the soccer world.  The head of USA soccer didn’t select soccer icon Landon Donovan for the team.  There was outrage over this, but Donovan has kept his cool throughout.  But, he has still staunchly defended himself, saying he should be on the team.  He was actually hoping to get a starting spot, and was shocked that he didn’t even make the roster.  Many think it’s because of the controversy between Donovan and the coach.  People suspect that the coach just didn’t like him.  As revenge, Donovan went out with his MLS Team, the LA Galaxy, and scored two goals — making him the MLS all-time goal king.  It’s a great statement, but it will still be disappointing not having him out there in the World Cup. 

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