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In the NFL, after 5 months of speculation and mock drafts, the first round of the NFL Draft is officially in the books.  Houston ended all the suspense by selecting South Carolina’s Jadeveon Clowney with the top overall pick.  If he works out, they are going to have one mean defensive line with Clowney on one side and J.J. Watt on the the other.

Then, everyone wanted to know where the coveted quarterbacks would land.  Who would get drafted first among them?  At #3, the Jacksonville Jaguars selected UCF’s Blake Bortles as their quarterback of the future.  Hopefully the Jags have more success with Bortles than they did with Blaine Gabbert a few years ago.

So where would Johnny Manziel go?  Soon after right?  Wrong.  Manziel began to spiral, as all the teams that needed quarterbacks didn’t take him.  Clemson superstar wide receiver went to the Buffalo Bills, and LSU’s clutch wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. will be a New York Giant.  He will be the replacement for Hakeem Nicks.  Johnny Football just kept sitting in the green room, his face starting to turn red wondering if he was even going to be picked in the first round.  Remember, there was a time when people thought he might be the top pick.  Then finally, the Cleveland Browns traded up a few spots, and selected Johnny Manziel.  Browns fans went crazy!  This will draw immediate attention to their franchise.

And to round out the night, the Minnesota Vikings traded with the Seattle Seahawks to select another guy who was projected to go #1 overall:  Teddy Bridgewater.  So Manziel and Bridgewater did wind up going to teams that needed quarterbacks, just not when we thought they would.  The draft continues tonight and throughout the weekend.


In basketball, we saw a couple of forgettable Game 2’s.  First, the Miami Heat easily beat the Brooklyn Nets, who clearly can’t hang with LeBron.  Then, San Antonio simply overran the Portland Trailblazers.  The Spurs seem to have found their mojo again, and it’s looking unlikely that the young Blazers will stand a chance.  Miami 94, Brooklyn 82.  San Antonio 114, Portland 97.

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