In the NBA, the Indiana Pacers are a bit on the ropes right now. They don’t look particularly good and were in danger of dropping both of their opening home games to the Washington Wizards.  They absolutely, positively needed a big game from their big man Roy Hibbert.  He has completely disappeared this post-season for the Pacers.  Not played poorly — DISAPPEARED.  He literally has no points and he was an all-star this season.  Fortunately for Pacers’ fans, Hibbert battled back in Game 2 and put up nearly 30 points.  That’s what they needed from the big guy, and the series is now even at a game a piece heading back to Washington.  Indiana 86, Washington 82.

And in Oklahoma City, the Thunder found themselves in the same position.  They got obliterated by the Clippers in Game 1, and needed to come back strong.  Wednesday night, OKC’s Kevin Durant was awarded the MVP so there was even more reason to play well. Thankfully for Thunder fans, Durant posted 31 points to help win the game.  The series is tied headed back to LA.  OKC 112, LAC 101.


Finally, today is the day that many NFL fans are waiting for:  The Draft.  Now more than ever the draft has become THE story of the NFL off-season.  They have been talking about this draft non-stop since early January.  Every single sports website has had mock-draft after mock-draft.  All the experts weigh in, explaining exactly why each team will choose each specific player.  Everyone thinks they have it all figured out, although there’s still a big question as to the number one pick.   Will it be Jadeveon Clowney, Johnny Manziel, or will Houston trade the pick to a team needing multiple picks?  Either way, the most exciting part about this is that this year the NFL is allowing each draftee in attendance to select their own draft music.  This means that they get to choose what’s played over the speakers when they take the stage.  It’s going to be quite the show.

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