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In the NBA, the Boston Celtics have been on a 5-game losing streak, but they looked to bounce back against a home game against LeBron and the Heat.  Problem, the Celtics lost Rajon Rondo to an injury the night before against Atlanta and now it’s being reported that Rondo has a torn ACL and will out the remainder of the season.  Considering that Rondo is their best player, that doesn’t exactly bode well for the Celtics.  But they dug down deep against the Heat and were able to eek out a double overtime victory.Looks like hey will be fighting to sneak into the playoffs the rest of the season.   Boston 100, Miami 98.
Elsewhere in the NBA, everybody knows that the Lakers are struggling.  However, they pulled out a solid win against the Jazz on Friday night and looked to take that good momentum into a game against the best team in the league — the Oklahoma City Thunder.  Nobody thought they could win this one, but at least they might be able to give Kevin Durant and the Thunder a good battle.  Well, whatever the Lakers are currently drinking is working because they hung in there the whole time with the Thunder and even found themselves ahead towards the end.  Everyone expected the Thunder to take control late in the 4th, but the Lakers remained resilient and wound up holding on to edge the Thunder.  Could they finally be turning things around? Is there hope?  Lakers 105, Thunder 96.


And in the NFL, it was the Pro Bowl — the NFL’s most meaningless game that everyone feels should go away considering that players don’t even try because nobody wants to get hurt.  Of course, the game was full of trick plays and lazy defense (the NFC put up 62 points) and it was pretty much just ratings fodder to hold fans over until the Super Bowl next Sunday.  However, there was a sweet moment at the end when Packers center Jeff Saturday, who was playing his last game of football (he’s retiring) decided to actually switch teams in the final play of the game (something that’s never been done in the history of the NFL) so that he could play for the NFC and snap the ball to Peyton Manning one last time (Saturday snapped balls to Manning his entire career, and it’s befitting that his last snap go to Manning).  It was a sweet moment.  NFC 62, AFC 35.

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