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In the NFL, with an exciting 49ers vs. Ravens Super Bowl looming, everybody is wondering which one of these red hot teams is going to win the big game.  You could make a convincing argument for either side.  The 49ers offense is clicking on all cylinders, but so is the Ravens, now led by an elite quarterback in Joe Flacco.  So, when you can’t decide, let Vegas decide for you.  The opening line of the Super Bowl is the San Francisco 49ers winning by 4.5 points.  Remember though that this is the line that Vegas sets in order to get bettors on both sides, not a guarantee of a win.  And the Ravens haven’t paid much attention to lines recently, as the Patriots were favored to beat them by 9 points… and we all know that didn’t happen.
Elsewhere in the NFL, the swimsuit model wife of Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker (Ana Burns Welker) lashed out at Ray Lewis.  She told her Facebook fans to check out Lewis’ wikipedia page and see that he had to pay off people in a murder trial and has also had children with 4 different wives.  “What a role model!”, she said sarcastically.  Well, yesterday Ana Burns apologized to Lewis saying that she got caught up in the fervor of losing such a big game and said that she shouldn’t have attacked Lewis like that.  While opinions may vary, Ray Lewis has become one of the most popular motivational speakers in sports, speaking to colleges, high schools, and even youth football programs about “trying as hard as you can”.  Always a good message.


Finally, in the NBA, with the Lakers “Superstar Team” looking more and more like a joke, head coach Mike D’Antoni is having to make some drastic changes.  D’Antoni said he looked at the stats and saw that the Lakers are very bad when Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol play at the same time.  So he has decided to bench Pau, and use him as a ‘role player’.  Pau has always been the star or second best player on a team and has NEVER been a role player.  So he’s saying that he is very unhappy with this.  It’s likely that his days in Los Angeles are nearing an end, as the team will either trade him for some young players or trade him to a contender in the Eastern conference in return for a piece they need (Carlos Boozer of the Bulls comes to mind).  It’s a sad ending for a player who helped the Lakers win two more championships.